11 Vintage Synth Emulations to Expand Your Guitar Horizons


From "Superstition" synth bass to "Blue Orchid" stacked leads and beyond, the EHX Mono Synth infuses your guitar signal with 11 vintage monophonic synth emulations straight out of the '70s and '80s. No instrument mods, MIDI, or special pickups are required — just plug straight in as you would any other pedal. Once you dial in a sound you love, save patches to any of 11 user presets and recall with lightning speed. The Mono Synth's Dry and Synth knobs let you blend back in a jigger or snifter of your untouched guitar signal for note clarity and enhanced realism. An expression pedal input (pedal not included) unlocks real-time parameter control without touching a knob.